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About Us

Our Company

We are a start up company with a lifetime of customer service experience. Owners Valerie and David Wisor bring different skill sets to the company. They compliment each other so that all the needs are met of our owners, tenants and vendors.

Our Team

Valerie Wisor

Valerie started life as a military brat, moving eleven times before she was ten. The importance of hard work was part of life and she was working for her spending money by the age of thirteen. Determined to leave her small Midwestern town she put herself through and graduated from Purdue University while working to keep student loans manageable. Since leaving a management position in a large family owned wholesale jewelry company, she has established herself in the Real Estate business over the last ten years. Over the years she has helped clients who have investment property to rent successfully market their property and find a tenant so they can manage it themselves. In the past few years more of her clients have asked for a management solution. The Right Properties is that solution.

Having an artistic flair Valerie loves to sew, all kind of crafts and has recently start to knit. Like everything she has done in her life she is determined to do her best for her clients, her family and the community.

David Wisor

David is a dedicated hardworking guy who never gives up on a challenge. He is gifted in the fact that anything having to do with technology he understands and excels. David started with an associate in applied science degree and after establishing himself as a software engineer, he went back to school while working full time and got his 4-year degree. David manages the website and all other things technical and maintenance related. Our great technology is what sets us apart from the other companies.

David loves to golf when the weather is right and he has the time. He and Valerie have an older home that they are renovating room by room.